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We'll help you with assisted living services for your loved one in the Gilbert, AZ area

If you have a senior-aged loved one who lives alone, you may have concerns about their well-being. Are they eating enough? Are they getting out of the house as often as they should? Is their home a safe place for them? If you're considering these questions as you think of the health and safety of your loved one, assisted living may be a viable option for them.

IntegriHomeCare offers a free assisted living placement service to find the facility that's right for your loved one and coordinate their move to the facility. Take a tour with one of our caregivers and find the facility that's right for your senior.

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4 advantages of assisted living

  1. It provides an opportunity to socialize with other seniors
  2. It offers peace of mind for loved ones with a busy schedule
  3. It ensures access to nutritious meals
  4. It encourages independence within a safe facility

Consult with IntegriHomeCare today to find the right assisted living facility for your loved one.