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As your loved one battles a serious illness, they may reach a point where the efforts to return them to health come up short. If their condition worsens even after stabilization, your loved one may qualify for our hospice care services. At IntegriHomeCare, we work with every hospice agency and come alongside their services to provide your loved one with assistance up to 24 hours/day. If you are unsure as to which hospice agency to select, we can make a recommendation for a trusted agency to provide this vital end-of-life benefit. IntegriHomeCare in Gilbert, AZ offers full end-of-life care services to ensure that your loved one is safe, comfortable, and attended to in these last crucial moments of life.

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3 important aspects of our hospice care

While your loved one is in hospice care, we are dedicated to keeping them comfortable and healthy as their illness progresses. Crucial elements of our care include:

  1. Diet - A nutritious diet is necessary for the health of your loved one, as getting nutrients into their body is essential. Pureed food is a viable option if they are having trouble keeping food down.
  2. Massage - A light massage increases the circulation of blood and lymph in your loved one's body and helps relieve anxiety and pain and improves the movement of their joints. This boosts the ability of the blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to their cells.
  3. Hygiene - Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial to your loved one's health, and keeping up their physical appearance gives them a boost of positivity.

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